Episode 11: Priscilla San Juan

“Try a bunch of stuff, and see which avenue you like the best.“ Priscilla San Juan is a PhD candidate in Tad Fukami’s lab in the Biology Department at Stanford University. Priscilla is interested in the gut microbiome of wildlife and the impact that human activity is having on those microbial communities and the healthContinue reading “Episode 11: Priscilla San Juan”

Episode 10: Nia Walker

“I can’t count on validation to come from someone else, it has to come from myself.” Nia Walker is a fourth year PhD candidate in Steve Palumbi’s lab at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station.  Nia has been interested in marine science since doing a fourth grade squid dissection. Nia’s love of marine science continued onContinue reading “Episode 10: Nia Walker”

Episode 9: Rebecca Hwang

“You are your own most important advocate – you’ve got to be on your own team.” Rebecca Hwang is an electrical engineer working at Anello Photonics. Rebecca started at Stanford as an electrical engineering PhD student, but isn’t totally sure that a PhD is for her, which is something we talk about quite a bitContinue reading “Episode 9: Rebecca Hwang”

Episode 8: Chris Perez

“Start early, pick your friends wisely, [and] identify mentors.” Chris Perez is a fourth year graduate student in the NanoHeat Lab (PI Kenneth Goodson) in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University. Chris started his engineering journey many years ago, helping his dad fix things around the house, and when he realized he might wantContinue reading “Episode 8: Chris Perez”

Episode 7: Aurora Alvarez-Buylla

“Science is awesome, but life comes first.” Aurora Alvarez-Buylla is a fourth year graduate student in the Laboratory of Organismal Biology at Stanford University, studying how poison frogs take up toxins from their diet to become toxic themselves. In this episode, we talk with Aurora about how she transitioned from wanting to be an astronomerContinue reading “Episode 7: Aurora Alvarez-Buylla”

Episode 6: Billie Goolsby

“This gives you a unique perspective as a scientist that’s actually really important…it’s not you overcoming these challenges, but more like you make science better.” Billie Goolsby is a second year graduate student in the Laboratory of Organismal Biology at Stanford University, studying how poison frogs co-parent their offspring. Before going to college, Billie knewContinue reading “Episode 6: Billie Goolsby”

Episode 4: Nora Moskowitz

“Therapy is a tool that I use that actually helps me both feel better and excel at my work.”  Nora Moskowitz is a third year PhD candidate in the Laboratory of Organismal Biology at Stanford University, where she studies dietary preference in poison frogs. Nora is a huge proponent of mental wellbeing both in herContinue reading “Episode 4: Nora Moskowitz”

Episode 3: Daniel Shaykevich

“I think the other lesson I learned was that science needs good storytelling as part of it.”  Daniel Shaykevich is a third year graduate student in the biology department at Stanford University and a talented filmmaker who incorporates science into his art and art into his science. Daniel tells us about how he has gottenContinue reading “Episode 3: Daniel Shaykevich”

Episode 2: Magdalena Warren

“It doesn’t matter what your background is or who your parents are or what the color of your skin is, you can do whatever it is you want to do.” Magdalena (Maggie) Warren is a third year PhD student in the biology department at Stanford University, and also the co-host of this podcast! Maggie tellsContinue reading “Episode 2: Magdalena Warren”