S2E5: Jorge Ramos, PhD, Assoc. Dir. for Environmental Ed, Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University

Dr. Jorge Ramos is the Associate Director for Environmental Education at the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve of Stanford University. Jorge earned a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Texas at El Paso and a Master of Science degree at the University of Washington. He then completed his PhD at Arizona State University where he studied biogeochemical cycling in wetland ecosystems. After his PhD, Jorge worked for the non-profit Conservation International, where he developed and managed coastal ecosystem conservation projects around the world. Jorge now combines his scientific expertise with his teaching and communication skills in his current job at Jasper Ridge.

Some of the things we talk about in this episode include:

  • The Ecological Society of America’s SEEDS program (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability)
  • The difference between mentors and advisors
  • How being in academia can bias our idea of what types of jobs are available
  • Working as a scientist in a non-profit, including:
    • How to engage communities in conservation work
    • Attending the UN Climate Change Conference 
  • The benefits of teaching and learning in outdoor spaces
  • How frequently checking in with a community that reflects your values can help you figure out what you want to do in life
  • The importance of writing a lot

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  • Email: jorge.ramos@stanford.edu
  • Twitter

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