S2E3: Bryan Juarez, PhD, NSF Postdoc, Stanford University

This week on the podcast we are hearing from our first post-doc, Bryan Juarez. Bryan is a fellow amphibian-loving scientist who received his bachelors degree from UC Santa Barbara, his masters degree from the University of Michigan, and most recently his PhD from Iowa State University. After finishing his PhD, Bryan started a postdoc at Stanford University where he is co-mentored by Lauren O’Connell and Liz Hadley.

I knew I really wanted to have Bryan on the podcast when I heard about his thesis defense, which he held in both English and Spanish so that his parents – who he calls the heroes of his story – would feel included and could better understand his talk. I think this story is very emblematic of how Bryan thinks about inclusion and diversity in science more broadly. Bryan and I talk quite a bit in this interview about how important it is to understand the huge range of backgrounds that people are coming from when they’re entering into science, and how that may impact the way they think about themselves as scientists and how they may be perceived by the scientific community.

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PLOS One Paper Bryan referenced: Postdocs’ advice on pursuing a research career in academia: A qualitative analysis of free-text survey responses

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